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Learn more about our service departments and professorships in our video presentations

Prof. Uwe Wilkesmann presents his Chair for Organisational Studies and Management of Continuing Education (in German)

Prof. Liudvika Leisyte presents the Professorship of Higher Education (in English)

Prof. Jens Rowold presents his Chair of Human Resource Development and Change Management (in German)

Dr. Meni Syrou presents the Department of Foreign Languages (in German)

Dr. Jörg Teichert presents the Department of Continuing Education (in German)

History of Senior Studies at TU Dort­mund University (in German)

In the studio discussion with Prof. Uwe Wilkesmann, Prof. Ludger Veelken, the founder and long-time director of the Continuing Education Programme for Seniors at TU Dort­mund University, explains how it all began, what pioneering role the pilot project played at the University of Dort­mund and how studying in old age is still relevant today.


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