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Guest talk by Prof. Christine Musselin

Christine Musselin

Prof. Dr. Christine Musselin

(Sciences Po, Paris, France)

Competition versus cooperation in higher education: The French case

Many studies show that competition and coordination can fit together. This is also true in higher education, as shown by university associations such as the LERU (European league of research universities) in Europe or the Russell group in the United Kingdom. But competition and cooperation may also clash.
Building on the recent French reforms, Christine Musselin explores the conditions allowing competition and cooperation to be compatible and why it otherwise fails.

Christine Musselin is a researcher of the Centre for the Sociology of Organizations (CSO), a Sciences Po and CNRS research unit. She leads comparative studies on university governance, higher education policies, and academic labour markets. She has been a DAAD fellow in 1984-85 and a Fulbright and Harvard fellow in 1998-99. She has led the CSO from 2007 to 2013 and has been the Vice-president for Research of Sciences Po from June 2013 to November 2018. She is the author of The long March of French Universities, New York, Routledge (2005) and The markets for academics, New York, Routledge (2009). Her last book La grande course des universités was published by the Presses de Sciences Po in 2017.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 14:15-15:45 | Vogelpothsweg 78 (CDI-Building), Room 114

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